The Real Food Mama Recipe of the Week – Breakfast Hamburgers

I don’t know about your house, but when I’m really stuck for a supper idea my go-to meal is breakfast for supper.  I always have bacon and eggs and there isn’t a person in the house that doesn’t enjoy it.  It’s the perfect selection when I’m completely devoid of ideas.

Enter this week’s recipe from The Real Food Mama.  These Breakfast Hamburgers take all of the goodness and fun of breakfast for supper and combines it in a way that would be appropriate for any meal!  And this will be a special treat for Paleo and Primal folks who are trying to avoid white bread and gluten because it’s bunless.  Doesn’t it just look too yummy!?  And the best part is that prep is relatively simple and the results delicious!

I hope you enjoy this recipe suggestion. After you’ve read through the details on The Real Food Mama, check out Joanne’s Breakfast, Main Dish, Sides & Salads, and Dessert sections. You can also find Joanne on Facebook here.

Happy Eating!


The Real Food Mama Recipe of the Week – Hobo Burger Packets


This has been one of those weeks.

The ones where all you seem to do is sleep, eat, work, and try to tend to your children as best as you’re able.  It’s good to have a go-to meal to pull out of your back pocket when those weeks come around.  Something that’s easy, nutritious, and able to keep even the picky eaters satisfied.  It was to my surprise and pleasure that I found this week’s Real Food Mama Recipe of the Week.

These Hobo Burger Packets are easy to prep, easy to cook, and are perfect now that grilling season is upon us.  All the good stuff of a traditional hamburger combined with sweet potato, onion, and lots of flavour!  And no bun!  I can’t wait to make this for my family on the barbecue.  You should go over to The Real Food Mama now and check it out for yourself!

I hope you enjoy this recipe suggestion. After you’ve read through the details on The Real Food Mama, check out Joanne’s BreakfastMain DishSides & Salads, and Dessert sections.  You can also find Joanne on Facebook here.

Happy Eating!

The Real Food Mama Recipe of the Week – No Buns Philly Cheese Steaks

Last week we introduced a new feature here on The Paleo Campfire called The Real Food Mama Recipe of the Week.  Every week we’ll feature a new recipe from Joanne at The Real Food Mama.  If you already know Joanne’s site, you already know what a wonderful resource for Paleo and Primal living it is.  If this is your first encounter, you’re in for a weekly treat.

This week our Real Food Mama recipe is No Buns Philly Cheese Steaks.  My pre-Paleo life was often dominated by many different variations of sandwiches and the Philly Cheese Steak was certainly very close to the top.  Joanne’s version keeps all the steaky goodness and eliminates all the gluteny, white bread badness.  How could you go wrong?  And it’s a slow cooker recipe!  The slow cooker is my secret weapon!  I’m definitely looking forward to making this part of my supper time repertoire!

I hope you enjoy this recipe suggestion. After you’ve read through the details on The Real Food Mama, check out Joanne’s BreakfastMain DishSides & Salads, and Dessert sections.  You can also find Joanne on Facebook here.

Happy Eating!

The Real Food Mama Recipe of the Week – Steak Salad with Goat Cheese & Toasted Walnuts

It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce a new weekly feature on The Paleo Campfire. If you already know Joanne from The Real Food Mama then you know how much of an absolutely wonderful resource her site is for Paleo and Primal living. If this is your first encounter with The Real Food Mama, you’re in for a treat. Every week I’ll feature one of Joanne’s incredible recipes with a link back to her site where you can get all the details.

This week our Real Food Mama recipe is Steak Salad with Goat Cheese & Toasted Walnuts. This mouthwatering combination of steak, goat cheese, and walnuts hits all of the nutritional highlights we aspire to at every meal in an appealing package even your picky little cavekids will enjoy. I was looking for a new lunchtime salad combination but I think I’ve found it! I’m definitely working this into my meal rotation sooner rather than later.

I hope you enjoy this recipe suggestion. After you’ve read through the details on The Real Food Mama, check out Joanne’s Breakfast, Main Dish, Sides & Salads, and Dessert sections.  You can also find Joanne on Facebook here.

Happy Eating!

An Easy Breakfast Idea

If you’re like me, one of the biggest adjustments I made going Paleo was eating breakfast.  Once I finally got to the point I was willing to do that, the next hurdle was having something good and nourishing.  Let’s face it, most people in the mainstream fall into two breakfast camps; eating nothing at all or having two doughnuts and three cups of coffee.  When your mother harped on you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, she wasn’t kidding.  Breakfast not only fuels you up and gets you going for morning, it also keeps you out of the cupboard or allows you to resist that mid-morning, coffee shop muffin.

So how do you have something that’s nourishing, easy, and fits into your rushed morning routine?  Easy.  You just need a frying pan, some eggs, and any assorted vegetables.  I do an egg scramble in the morning that I absolutely love and I could eat everyday if I wasn’t able to change up my routine at all.  When I started making it, I couldn’t believe how easy it was and I started to wonder why I had ever neglected breakfast.  It fills me and keeps me from the mid-morning forage I used to fall prey to when I didn’t eat breakfast.  Let me know what you think or drop in your own easy breakfast suggestions in the comments.

Erin’s Easy Breakfast Scramble

  1. Cut up the vegetables you will add to the scramble.  Any vegetables will do, but what you use will effect cooking time in step 6.  I usually use broccoli and peppers simply because they are already relatively soft and in plentiful supply here.
  2. Pre-heat a frying pan.  I use the 7 or 8 setting on my stove.  I don’t turn it up to high because I want to cook and soften the vegetables, not burn them.
  3. Add a touch of your favourite cooking oil.  I use a touch of olive oil but really anything will work.  I like the flavour the olive oil imparts but your mileage may vary.  Just remember to use a very little bit.
  4. Lift the frying pan and move it to work the oil around your pan.  We only want to use a little bit but still get most of the pan oiled.
  5. Return the pan to the heated element.
  6. Add the vegetables prepared in step 1 to the pan.  Stir fry them until they are soft but not fully cooked.  Softening times will vary depending on the vegetables used.
  7. While the vegetables are cooking, whip three eggs in a bowl.
  8. When the vegetables have cooked to your satisfaction, add the eggs.
  9. Stir the eggs and vegetables and cook them like you’re preparing scrambled eggs in the frying pan.  This would be a good point to add a little shredded hard cheese if that’s to your liking.
  10. When the eggs are fully cooked, remove from the pan into a bowl and turn off your stove.
  11. Enjoy!

At the end you’ll have a filling, nourishing meal that will take you 10 minutes tops to complete.  You can eat it right then if you have time or throw it in a covered dish to take with you on the go.  Now you don’t have any excuses, go enjoy breakfast.

Confessions of a Sauceaholic

One of my true Summer passions is cooking on the barbecue.  There’s something about cooking on an open flame that speaks to the primal side of a lot of people; men and women alike.  When I went Paleo through the later part of Winter and into Spring, I started to wonder about how it would change my approach to the barbecue.  You see, I come from the slather-it-in-barbecue-sauce-and-burn-both-sides school of barbecuing; something I learned from my father.  There isn’t much skill or technique involved but what gets produced is moderately good and generally well received.  The problem is, of course, barbecue sauce is persona non grata in Paleo land.  The second ingredient listed on most commercial sauces is sugar.  As I look right now at the ingredient list of a bottle of sauce the “highlights” are:

  • Sugar in the number 2 spot.
  • Salt coming in at number 5.
  • The delightful sounding Modified Cornstarch (really it’s corn, they made it starchy, and then they “modified” it) at number 6.

So I was left trying to figure out how to approach the barbecue season without resorting to my usual tactics.  What I discovered is that my kitchen already held most of the ingredients I needed to enjoy Paleo-style barbecue.

First up, turn down the temperature.  I’ve always had a tendency to cook at a higher than necessary temperature.  The first lesson you need to learn is turn down the heat and be prepared to cook for a longer period of time.  Sure, you could turn up that burner and get done quicker but what you end up with is a burned and dry piece of meat devoid of the juiciness that makes meat so good.

The second thing are the actual seasonings you use.  There are a whole galaxy or preparations, rubs, and spices you can use.  I’ve happened on a combination of balsamic vinegar and steak spice for steak that is absolutely delightful.  I generally marinate the steak in it for at least a day if not two before cooking so there is a bit of lead time involved.  The good news is that preparation is easy.  Get a plastic bag, throw in the steak (thoroughly thawed if previously frozen), and dump in liberal amounts of balsamic vinegar and steak spice.  Put it in the fridge and every time you open the fridge, flip it so it marinates evenly.  When you’re ready to barbecue, keep it moist while you cook it with more vinegar and you’ll have one of the best pieces of steak you ever tasted.

Chicken is still a work in progress but I’ve found a Jamaican jerk rub or even Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb are excellent choices.  One thing you have to be careful with using any commercial spice combination are the ingredients.  You wouldn’t think artificial ingredients could sneak in here but they can.  I was astonished to find High Oleic Sunflower Oil (what does that even mean?), Disodium Inosinate, and Calcium Silicate in one commercial preparation.  Just because it’s in the spice aisle doesn’t mean it hasn’t been touched by industry.

I’d love to hear your suggestions and ideas for sauce-free barbecuing.  Leave your hints and tips in the comments.

Getting Started

Suppose you’ve made the commitment to changing your life.  What’s next?  Here is a list of books and blogs I’ve found handy in my Paleo journey.  I hope you find them as helpful as I have.



If you’ve found other useful resources, share them with the community in the comments.  I’ll update the site with the information.

Remember that tips and tricks can only carry you so far.  The change actually has to come from you.

Good luck!