The Mental Muscle

If you watch sports, you know you hear a lot about an athlete’s mental toughness.  If you’ve gone that extra distance and played competitive sports you probably understand it.  After your body fails you and you don’t think you can move on, it’s that little voice in your brain that keeps you going.  Past the pain, past the anguish, past the exhaustion.

Most of us though are not elite athletes and have never had the training and exposure to develop that part of our game.  For some, the mental aspect of our journey can be the hardest.  It’s not our body we’re fighting against, it’s that mental muscle that causes us to trip and fall.  I know that’s the case for me.  I wish there was some exercise regime or machine I could buy that works that muscle like all the others.  Unfortunately, there is no secret formula or WoD for that aspect of life.


What can you do if you find the biggest fight every day is between your ears?  The good news is hope is not lost.  If you’re like me, the biggest battle is finding peace.  Peace with reconciling your new life with your old.  Peace with the anger and resistance you’re facing from others.  Peace with moving forward into a healthy future.  It can be a hard journey and everyone’s remedy is different.  You may find peace in a religious or spiritual experience.  You may find peace through meditation.  You may find peace by just sitting in a quiet room free from distraction and thinking through your problems.  The important thing is that you find a mental place in your life where that endless war in your head subsides to the point it is no longer a distraction.  That fight can be the most draining one you face.

So remember, if you’re going to take the time to cultivate the physical well being of your body, you should also take the time to cultivate the well being of your mind as well.  I would even suggestion, especially if you’re like me, that cultivating your mental well being is even more important in some ways.  Take some time today to think about how you could do that for yourself.  It may be the most important decision you’ve yet  made on your journey.

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