The Pitch

I need to take a time out and be completely honest with you for moment.

When I started this blog it wasn’t simply to share myself, my experiences, my hopes, and dreams with you.

It was to give you the pitch.

You see, I’m a smart enough guy to see when the excitement and momentum is building around something and a year or so ago I could really see that was happening with the Paleo and Primal movement.  Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson were becoming household names and the a veritable avalanche of books on the subject was starting.  I could see an opportunity and sought to reach out and grab a little bit of the action for myself.  The great thing about speaking to a global community is that even if you grab 2% of the audience you’re likely to be able to carve out a nice little niche for yourself.  And hey, I thought to myself, I love Paleo.  Why not try to make that a living like all the rest of these people I see?

Natural instinct right?

So off I went on my merry way, trying so desperately hard to shake my money-maker and emulate the success of all of these fabulous people I see every day on Twitter and the Internet (Do we even call it the Internet any more?).  The problem, of course, is that it was completely the wrong thing to do.  If you follow any number of Paleo experts on Twitter at any point in the day you see that a lot of them are engaged in pitches of their own.  And hey, I don’t begrudge them that a bit.  That’s their thing and I’m completely happy for them.

The problem I guess is that I’m not a salesman and it wasn’t really what I was looking for.  I’m interested in a conversation; real people connecting with others to discuss their real problems.  No judgment.  No dogma.  No cookbook to cure your ills.  I mean it’s great to say eat grass-fed beef and butter and make it all delicious with my fabulous cookbook for $39.95 but what the hell I’m supposed to do if I can’t find either?  Feel like a failure and give up?  Of course not!

I guess what I’m trying to say is this.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry that I came at this from the completely wrong angle.  It’s the reason I dropped off the world for a while.  I became tired and frustrated and alone and kind of gave up on the notion of writing about my Paleo life.  But perhaps dropping off the world was a good thing because it gave me the time to understand that I don’t think people need another pitch.  They don’t need another club or cookbook or guide to tell them how to eat.  They can figure most of that shit out for themselves.  What they need is a group of people, real people, who are still wandering in the wilderness looking for their way out.  Because if we’re all honest with ourselves, that’s what most of us are.  And it’s a lonely trip if we try to make it alone.

So this is me.  Making my way in the world, faults and failings exposed to you.  I hope they make you feel better.  I hope they make you want to talk about your own and let us support you.  I hope that together we can travel this road a little bit more successfully than before.

How does that sound?

Better than a pitch?

I hope so.


One thought on “The Pitch

  1. That is exactly what happened to me. I started sharing recipes and it got the point where it felt like to much work, not fun and way to much of a sales pitch!! I too took a break and am thankful I did. I am having more fun with Twitter and my blog now! It is more of a conversation than before! I still like sharing recipes….but I always have! 😉

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