Tips and Tricks

I wish I could be more of a tips and tricks kind of guy.

Let’s face it, that’s what most people want.  A great new recipe, a new exercise to try, or a great new hack someone has discovered.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?), that’s just not my thing.  I’ve tried hard, oh so hard, but I don’t seem to have the time, talent, or inclination for that sort of work.  I’m not sure why.

I think it has something to do with the cathartic process I associate with writing.  Some people have a therapist, I have a blog.  Any number of them actually depending on what topic I need to work through on any particular day.  And if there’s anything I need therapy for, it’s this whole thing around personal change.  So in that way this is all about sorting what’s inside the mental baggage, deciding what to throw out, and deciding what to keep.  I don’t think I ever intended that to happen but it did.  I hope you don’t mind that there are no prime number lists of information or delicious new ways to use coconut oil.  There is plenty of that information in the world.  A steady, ever growing list of fabulous and intelligent people you can easily find by plugging Paleo or Primal into Google.  If you want that type of information, by all means, those are the people you need to visit.  They are truly fabulous.

I’m just trying to work through the Human element in all of this.  The real, rubber hits the road kind of stuff that we all experience every day.  If you’ve already got your crap together and just looking for good avocado-based recipes, I may not have what you’re looking for.  This is about the frustrating, maddening, saddening, and happy stuff we all go through on the road to . . . living . . .

How does that sound?

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