Just Stop Eating Crap

There can be a lot of confusing ideas and points of view for the Paleo newcomer to digest.  It’s a natural thing.  There is such a plethora of interesting and intelligent people associated with Paleo eating that it can be a bit overwhelming.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it can cause some false starts and backsliding.  I thought about the beginning of my own journey and what the single piece of advice I would have given to myself.  After some introspection, it came to me.

Just stop eating crap.

Really.  It’s that easy.

This is the commandment from which virtually everything else flows in Paleo living.

The best part?  You know you’re eating crap.  Even when you love that carton of Ben and Jerry’s or bag of chips so much that it seems like it is life itself you know it’s crap.  And if you aren’t conscious of that fact you may have some larger issues to address beforehand.

In the business world there is the axiom of picking the low hanging fruit.  It means you take care of the easy stuff before you tackle the hard stuff.  The same applies here.  Pick the low hanging fruit of processed, and downright junk, food off of your diet.  After that you will be in a much better position to progress through some of the tougher concepts and ideas you’ll find in the community.  Sometimes we try to tackle change all at once and it’s just too much of a shift for someone that isn’t ready for it.  Take care of the easy stuff first and it doesn’t become an obstacle for the harder part later.

Just stop eating crap.


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