Everything Old is New Again

I was reading a New York Times article yesterday from 2009.  Discovered through Tim Ferriss‘ web site and clipped to Evernote, I finally had a chance to sit down over coffee and read it.  Entitled Are Your Friends Making You Fat? by Clive Thompson, it got me thinking about diet, the company I keep, and how I’ve backslid since exiting stage left here back in September.  The basic thrust of the article is that research is starting to show (or at least it was back in 2009) that our habits, likes and dislikes, and even personal health is influenced by those around us.  Which, when I started to think about it, really made sense to me; especially in the light of the last six months or so.

All of this to say that while I haven’t been consuming a bag of Oreos every day, I certainly haven’t been sticking to Paleo living as much as I should.  Now there are a lot of contributing factors to that but the article certainly illustrated the need to surround yourself with like-minded people.  That goes as much for the novice as it does the person who thinks they have everything mastered.

Hubris, my friends, is a dangerous thing.

So dear friends, I hope you’ll have me back.  It seems I still have a lot to learn.


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