Taking Down the Shingle

There comes a point in any journey when you have take down your shingle and move on.  It occurred to me this week that I’ve reached that point with the Paleo Campfire.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up on living Paleo; quite to the contrary.  I do believe however I have written down all the things I wanted to say about getting across that metaphorical river.  Buddhists know that a raft or boat is handy for getting across the river but is of little use when you get to the other side.  This blog was always about being the boat, the thing I needed to bridge the gap between the life I used to live and the one I do now.  There will still be ups and downs of course, but I feel I’ve covered that ground already.  My words will still be here to encourage me when I get there.  I hope you find them encouraging as well.

As with any journey, there are new adventures and new things to see.  I wish you luck and good fortune in your Paleo or Primal journey.  I’ll still be kicking around Twitter, Google+, and the Interwebs.  I’m sure our paths will cross again.


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