I’ve written a couple of posts over the course of this blog discussing my issues with food with tongue implanted firmly in cheek.  It feels good to be able to laugh a bit about it, get some jokes in at my own personal expense, and move on.  If you listen very carefully though, you can hear the brittle, nervous nature of the laughter.  If you’ve battled your own food issues you’ll know exactly what I mean.  I smoked for 15 years, quit, and haven’t smoked again (other than the occasional cigar) since 2005.  I have absolutely no desire to take on that habit again.  Something as deeply ingrained and pernicious as smoking was forgotten but after almost 37 years on this Earth I am still struggling with food.

I say all of this in the service of confession.  I have been backsliding terribly these days, fighting a running battle just to get back to level again.  I’m not sure what precipitated this mess but now I have to find a way out of it.  I mean I’m sure we’ve all had that day when we had that fudge brownie sundae against our better judgement but this has gone on for a couple of weeks now with no sign of abatement.  The wheels seem to come off some time in the afternoon and it’s a screeching car crash by supper; sugar and gluten scattered every where.  It hasn’t been a pretty sight.

I guess what I’m trying to say is two-fold.  First, stay vigilant.  Some of you may laugh at me for saying this but I truly believe the food issues people struggle with can be just as pernicious as any addiction and if you’ve battled that monkey off your back be damn sure not to let it back on again.  Not for one second.  I know this cascade started somewhere with something I should not have eaten.  I’m not back to square one entirely but probably square three or four.  Don’t give these things one inch in your life.  Smokers shouldn’t fool themselves into thinking one cigarette won’t hurt.  Alcoholics shouldn’t fool themselves into thinking a small drink would be fine.  People with food issues shouldn’t fool themselves into thinking that slice of cake is harmless.

Second, if you’re sitting where I am this morning we’re in this together.  Every day is a new day and the perfect day to start over even if you have to start over every day for a while.  You’re not alone and neither am I.  Find your friends, reach out, look for support.  If you don’t think your physical friends can help, there is a whole world of love and support online.  Go to Google+, go to Twitter, go to Facebook and search on Paleo or Primal.  There is a whole community of people out there who want nothing more than to help you along the way.

As for me, I recognize today is a new day.  A day to start over.  I may backslide again or I may make it through but every day is just one day at a time.  That’s all we have the power to do but we don’t have to do it alone.


One thought on “Backsliding

  1. Today IS a new day, and you can only take it one day at a time. (Which makes me think of a quote from Sandra Bullock in 28 days.) Every day is not going to be perfect, but don’t let what you do today determine what you do tomorrow. Don’t think “Well I messed up yesterday so it’s okay to mess up today too”!
    The whole Paleo community I have found to be so great and willing to help each other out!
    Good Luck on your journey! 🙂

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