Summer Faileo

It hardly seems possible that Summer is almost over.  Wasn’t it just yesterday the kids were bursting through the door trumpeting the end of another school year?  As a home-based worker there is a certain part of me that’s a little excited about the onset of another school year but this has been such a great Summer with my family that I hardly want to surrender it.

As good a Summer as it has been, I have to admit it was filled with more than a little bit of Faileo.  Those of you who are new to the Paleo and Primal lifestyle may be unfamiliar with the term.  Faileo is a bit of an inside joke.  Faileo refers to a backsliding state where those of us attempting to live a Paleo or Primal life have indulged in those things we have sworn to leave behind.  Summer, especially, is filled with the ingredients for a proper Faileo state.  Hot dog and hamburger buns, tonnes of homemade sweets, and more than a few glasses of soda were my nemesis this Summer.  The good news though is that I more or less was able to keep it in check and I didn’t really gain that much weight.  Now I get the Fall and Winter to try and plot how to tackle all of this next Summer.

If you’ve had a bit of a Faileo Summer as well, don’t worry about it.  There’s no better time to get back on the path than today.  Don’t let the worry or recrimination you may be feeling for having indulged this Summer drag you into more of a spiral.  Take a deep breath, acknowledge that you had some fun this Summer, and recognize that it’s time to get back to work.  From today I’m going to try to avoid the things I had been avoiding so well before the Summer again.  I challenge you to do the same.  Together we can make a Faileo Summer turn into a Paleo Fall.

Good luck!


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