Conspicuous Absence

I have been conspicuous by my absence as of late.  I hope you don’t mind.

I haven’t given up on this endeavour, it’s just on hiatus for a while.  I’ll be popping in from time to time to post but Summer tends to be very demanding.  The kids have organized sports, we’re on the road a lot travelling or exploring, and it tends to be a bit of the silly season at work.  All three have conspired to keep me busy over the last little while.  You may have noticed my posts start to tamper off and then disappear entirely.

I’ve also quit Twitter in the mean time so for many of you I may have seemed to have dropped off the radar entirely.  It had simply become a place of too many people yelling and selling and not enough people simply talking.  I’m more interested in the conversation than selling myself or huckstering you into coming to my site.  There may have been a time when I thought some kind of Internet fame could be garnered doing that but I realize that’s not terribly interesting any more.  So if you’re interested in a conversation as well, I’m on Google+ now.  Just search for Erin Peterson.  If you’d like to get on Google+, give me a shout and I’ll send you an invite.

I’m still here, just a little busy right now.  I’m sure Summer plays havoc with your schedule as well.  I hope you’re having a great Summer.  See you next time.


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