I’m No Buddhist

I’d just like to say up front that I’m no Buddhist nor do I play one on the Internet.

That being said, I know that clinging to something as a source of salvation will never provide deliverance.  It’s a basic tenet of Buddhism that even I understand.  I realized this morning that I was falling back into that old habit again, expecting an object to provide the happiness and fulfilment to my life that only I can generate.  It’s easy enough to fall into the trap, especially in a commercial culture based on the whole premise of salvation delivered by an object.

It’s not strictly a Paleo or Primal ideal but I think we suffer from it as much as anyone else.  There is no special equipment required, no barrier to entry, for living a Paleo life.  Yet, I find we often interject objects like special shoes or trendy exercise programs or specialised foods into our journey.  They’re nice but I can walk or run just as well in my beat up old Sketchers.   It’s worse  to sit around waiting to save the money to buy my fancy shoes than to just go walk in the ones I have.  It would be nice to go to Thailand to go out in the wilderness and workout but I can just as easily go into the woods by my house and do the same thing.  There is no special ingredient, there is only you.

Don’t worry if you stop for a moment and realize you’re doing it too.  It’s a natural Human response.  Life requires work and shortcuts, in most cases, are non-existent.  We just have to realize that we have all the tools and powers within ourselves to accomplish any change in our lives.  All those other things are just shiny chrome accessories or nice-to-haves along the way.

I’m no Buddhist but I understand that clinging to things doesn’t solve problems, it only creates more of them. Gathering guidance and support from others is great, but ultimately you need to find your own path.  Anyone else’s will ultimately feel incomplete or inadequate because it is not suited for you.  Walk the path before you get the fancy sneakers because the fancy sneakers aren’t going to make you walk the path.


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