10 Things To Do Right Now

May be you’ve just started your Paleo or Primal journey.  May be you’ve been doing this for a while and have run out of ideas on how to continue.  Here are 10 things you can do right now (or any time) to aid you on your path.

  1. Don’t drink your calories – Admittedly, this one belongs to Tim Ferriss and his great book The 4 Hour Body.  It’s not strictly a Paleo book but it certainly is good reading.  Tim says the easiest thing you can do is not drink your calories by consuming sugary sodas or juices.
  2. Turn off the TV – This one is also known as get off your butt.  If you spend eight hours planted in a chair at work you don’t need to spend five more on the couch watching TV.  Get up.  Get active.
  3. Stay out of the middle aisles of the supermarket – I’ve harped on this one a couple of times before.  The middle aisles of the supermarket are where the processed foods live.  Here be monsters!
  4. Walk everywhere you can – That’s pretty self-explanatory.  Park the car and walk as much as possible.
  5. Enjoy your family – If you have a family, enjoy as much time as possible with them.  Not only will it uplift you mentally, but the physical exercise will do you good as well.  Single?  Find a group that will help you do the same.  Ultimate Frisbee anyone?
  6. Don’t be afraid to go outside – That bright, yellow disc in the sky?  It’s called the Sun.  It helps your body synthesize Vitamin D.  Make it so.
  7. Start a routine – You’ve gotten in the habit of eating three doughnuts for breakfast and sitting on your butt all day.  Get in the habit of eating a wholesome, protein-filled breakfast and walking to work.  And then do it everyday.
  8. Don’t do this for anyone but you – If you’re doing this to please someone else the motivation will wax and wane.  Do this for you.  Right now.
  9. Make it as fun as possible – If you approach this like a work, it will seem like work and who wants another job?  Make it fun.  Involve your friends and family if possible.  Approach it like a fun opportunity rather than a drudgerous task.
  10. Eat the good stuff until you’re full – There’s a difference between eating your fill of fast food and eating your fill of good, whole foods you prepared yourself.  If that fact doesn’t seem self-evident to you we may have to talk more.  Eat your protein and vegetables and fruit and you won’t feel like having that Mars bar at 2:30.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  Do you have any additional tips or ideas?  We’d all be interested in hearing them.  Please share them in the comments section.


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