Actions become habits through repetition.  This may not be shocking news to a lot of people but for some,  like me, it may be the key to open the final door.

When it comes to forming new habits, there are three essential components; commitment, patience, and repetition.  I’ve already talked about commitment and patience.  Commitment is the thing that makes you want to make the change and stick with it.  Patience is the things that helps you see the change through even when there are no visible results.  Repetition is the thing that takes a simple action and makes it part of your life.  Part of your life the way all of the other things you do day-to-day and accept as part of your life.  Everything starts as an action; it’s the repeating of the action that makes it a habit.

There are two things this year I have accomplished through repetition.  The first is, of course, the adoption of a Paleo lifestyle.  Once I had made the commitment to do it and had the patience to stick with it, it was repetition that actually changed my way of life.  It was the repetitious action of taking the time to make good, wholesome meals that made that part of my life.  It was the repetitious action of going out on my lunch hour and exercising that made that part of my life.  Humans are creatures of habit and routine and it is the repetition of actions that make things part of our routine, displacing others in the process.  I’m quite happy to displace all those bagels, doughnuts, and other crappy food I was eating.

The second thing is this.  This blog.  I have always enjoyed writing and fancied myself a writer.  The problem was I could never find the time to write.  I had the commitment but the patience and repetition were lacking.  The Internet is littered with my half-baked attempts at writing.  When I started this blog, one of the intents was to have it be an aid in my own journey; a constant and daily reminder to write that also served as a constant and daily reminder to stick with being Paleo.  I think the two have worked out very well.  I have written for 47 days straight and have no intention of stopping as long as I have a connection to the outside world.  Writing reminds me that some days are good, some days are bad, but everyday is a chance to start over.  That’s a lesson I can apply directly to my Paleo journey as well.

So remember, once the commitment and patience is in place, it’s the repetition that will carry you through.  Before you know it, it will be a habit that you don’t even have to think about any more.  I can’t even think of a time before where I am now because of it.  It is the secret key to the changes I have enacted in my life.  It will be for you as well.


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