Get Outside

My kids love to be outside.

It’s a blessing few people appreciate in today’s society.

True, there are days when we stay inside and putter around the house, we even watch TV.  On the balance though, my kids would rather be outside running amok than inside distracted by electronic amusements.  For better or worse, I didn’t do anything particularly special to bring them up that way.  They’ve both just enjoyed being outside from a very early age.  My youngest (he’s 4) loves the outdoors so much that it’s usually an argument to bring him inside at night or meal times.  How’s that for a reversal of fortune?

Before I started my Paleo journey, I always felt a bit of a nagging guilt that I didn’t spend more time outside with my kids.  There was always something to do, some important task that had to be handled.  I suspect a lot of you may feel like that.  You’re so busy and stressed as you sit at your computer worried about money or time or bills while you miss out on your own health and that of your children.  As a telecommuter, I assure you there are still times when I’m sitting at my desk and my kids are running around outside.  When those times of stress and anxiety come about though, do you know what I’ve learned to do?  I go outside and run around with my kids for 20 minutes to break it up.  And even if I can’t do that I lug my laptop out on the deck and work from there for a while to soak up some sun.  Doesn’t it feel great to just be out in the fresh air and sunshine?

Of course now that I’m on the Paleo path, I try to be outside as much as possible and engaged and involved with my kids if I can be.  Yesterday morning we were outside putting up birdhouses the boys had made at Beavers.  Our outside gardens are going to get off the ground as soon as we figure out how to keep the deer from eating it (any suggestions?!?!?).  At least I’m engaged and committed to being outside now as much as my schedule allows.  It’s funny how hard we try to avoid something that’s so good for us until we change our ways.  After being such an outdoors oriented kid I avoided it like the plague for so long.  I’m just glad to be able to go outside again and enjoy what Nature has to offer.

If your kids aren’t like mine, you may have to encourage them a little to get outside.  I believe that ultimately everyone enjoys being outside, they’ve just been convinced otherwise by peers, society, and the media.  Start small, may be a family walk in the park on Saturday morning, and work them into longer activities.  There may even come a day when they would rather be outside than in front of the TV or using their DS.  I know that seems like an impossible task.  Take heart, you can do it with love and a little pleading but the change also has to be in you as well.  You can’t lead from the rear.  Go outside, show your kids you can have fun, and involve them in outside activities.  It’s the single most important thing you can do after feeding them well.

Do you have any tips or ideas to share?  Any thoughts about getting yourself or your kids outside and enjoying Nature?  We’d love to hear them.  Leave a comment so that everyone around the Campfire can hear them.


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