There will be days when you’ll feel absolutely uninspired.

I know, I’m having one today.

There will be days when you wake up tired despite eight hours of sleep.  When you feel like your eyes are being slowly dragged down your face.  When you feel like you should just crawl back in bed and spend the day there.  We’re used to hearing our non-Paleo or non-Primal friends describe days.  We feel that small twinge of inner pride for having seemingly mastered a lifestyle that eliminates it.  Then a week later we wake up feeling exactly like that, a little distraught at the notion, our defences lowered.  I’m eating well, sleeping better, and exercising!  I shouldn’t feel like this!

The truth is that you can be as strict a Paleo or Primal person as you like but you’ll still have days like this, uninspired and sorely under caffeinated.  The first thing you need to do is just accept that it’s happening.  You’re tired, you’re a little down.  It’s okay.  Accept it.  The more you fight it the more the second problem creeps in.  That second problem is that when you’re tired and having an off day, your defences are lowered.  That slice of toast seems like a quick and enticing option for breakfast.  You’re scheduled for a CrossFit class but you don’t feel like lifting your head off the pillow.  During these times it’s important to stick to your routine as much as possible.  You’ll find that if you get over that initial hurdle, things will start to return to normal.  The cumulative effect of having an off day is staggering.  If you give into the feeling, it will keep you down all day.  As Robert Frost said, “The best way out is always through.”

Just as a bit of an aside, you may find your off days are tied more to your diet than experience or emotional encounters.  I indulged in a decidedly non-Paleo bowl of rhubarb crumble last night at a party and I woke up this morning like this.  If I was a bit more adventurous I might experiment a bit to see if my sugar indulgence last night was tied to my disruption today.  I think it would be interesting thought exercise to look back on the previous day when we wake up feeling off and see if there is any food we could tie to it.

When you have an uninspired day, remember to do two things; stick to your routine and keep up your defences.  I think those are the most important things to keep it from tumbling out of control.  I wasn’t going to write today because I just didn’t feel up to it.  Having sat down and wrote this though, I feel better already.  Just stick to your path, keep up the good fight, and everything should be okay.


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