Forgiveness has to be part of any large scale endeavor. Not for those around you necessarily, although it helps if they react badly to the turn you’re taking with your life. No, the forgiveness you need is for yourself. There will be days you’ll struggle and toil and at the end you’ll wonder if you’re ever going to change. You’ll wonder if some time in the future comes when you’re not just trying to avoid things and the change becomes so permanent that you don’t even think about it any more.

This has been on my mind because I had one of those days yesterday. It all started very innocently at a birthday party and a little piece of cake. What’s one little piece of cake right? But that piece turned into another and then saucy store bought meatballs and then a whole spiral of undesirable food. By the time I had pulled back and stopped I felt absolutely terrible about myself.

This has all happened before though so I have a pretty well developed muscle for dealing with it. The most important thing is to just stop. Make a conscious decision to cease what you’re doing. Whether it’s making that peanut butter sandwich you miss SO MUCH or tearing into that bag of chips you found secreted in your cupboard. Next, remember that this changes nothing about what you’re doing. This is where the personal forgiveness comes into play. You have to be able to understand that if you wallow in the mistake it only leads down. Forgive yourself the mistake and move on.

I’ve often thought during this journey that we need a 12 step program for people trying to change their lives and eating habits.  There are lots of places we can trade recipes or ask about what is or isn’t Paleo but there really isn’t anywhere we can say hey, I lost it and ate half a loaf of bread last night.  For those of you further along in your journey, overcoming that is old hat.  I’m guessing though there are a lot of us out here that could use a little reaffirmation when that happens.  At least until we get the forgiveness thing down.

So let me start.

My name is Erin.  And I still have issues with food.

How about you?


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