Paleo Nerd

I am a nerd.

It must be genetic because I can remember being a nerd all my life.  My first love was G.I. Joe.  Then there was military history.  More recently I have been a total tech nerd.  Over the last few months though I’ve noticed something completely different happening.

I’ve become a Paleo nerd.

Now before you draw some image in your mind of guy with bad glasses eating a 20 oz. Porterhouse, let me explain.  When I say that I’m a nerd about something it means it has become the focal point of my undying fascination.  I’ve found the Paleo lifestyle has become exactly that.  Like Snake-Eyes or the Battle of Agincourt or iPhones before it; the Paleo lifestyle has become an object of obsession for me.  I read about it, I live it.  I even spent an hour pouring over the Vibram web site the other night.

I SO want a pair of Vibrams.

But before you find all of this slightly creepy and a bit uncomfortable, let me assure you it’s all very healthy.  The psychological underpinnings of your nerddom my vary but for me, if I get nerdy about something it means it has become a tightly integrated part of my life.  If you’re making some fundamental changes in your life, you want those changes to become as tightly integrated as possible.  If you’re going Paleo, it’s not simply something you “follow” it becomes your way of life because it is a recognition that your old way of living is broken.  There are no cheat days, there are no points, there are no psychological mechanisms to trick you, or reward you, for being obedient.  There are results but depending on your starting point those results may take a while.  It took me 5 months to reach my first goal.  It will be your desire, drive, determination, and yes obsession, that drives you to your’s.

And there will be days your spouse, or co-workers, or kids, or friends get sick of you talking about Paleo.  I know there are days when my wife wishes there was something else I found interesting right now.  Although I think deep down she’s happy for the respite from the constant talk of Apple products.  Any loving spouse, co-worker, friend, or child will humor you.  Keeping all of this as a focal point in your life keeps it in the forefront of your mind and keeping it in the forefront of your mind means you’ll stick with it.  After all, living Paleo doesn’t mean you’re going on a “2 month cleanse” or a “6 month program”.  This is a change for the rest of your life.

So I’ve gone totally Paleo nerd.  It’s a good indication that I’m past the point of no turning back.  If you find yourself spending an evening examining the Vibrams web site or fishing for recipes on Everyday Paleo, you may be there too.  It’s okay, you don’t need counselling.  You’ve just become a Paleo nerd too.


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