At some point in your journey you’re going to decide to go all in.  You’ve made 90 – 95 % of the dietary changes you need, you’re healthy, you’re happy.  You know though there’s that one last hump or two you need to get over to make this all complete and permanent.  You know that you need to reboot just one more time before there’s no turning back.  That’s where I am this morning.

As I sit here with my black coffee and my morning eggs on to boil, I love where I’ve come from but I know there are still a few more places to go.  I need to develop the mental toughness to resist the snacking on non-Paleo foods.  I need to support that by actually throwing those things out (the Goldfish crackers do not need to be “eaten up” first).  I need to start using the Paleo recipes I’ve read so much about (old Erin loves tips and tricks).  I need to bring the life changes I’ve experienced to my family with love and respect (there will be a small revolt when I stop making pasta for them).  I’ve done the 80 part of the Pareto Principle, now it’s time to do the 20.

There will be a similar watershed moment in your life when you realize the only thing standing in the way of your complete and total success is you.  I applaud your success in coming this far while I simultaneously pat myself on the back but we both still have a lot of work to do.  That last stumbling block is always the toughest and hardest but with a little bit of perseverance you and I can both get past it.

My personal “rebooting” goals for the next week are:

  • Cut down my coffee consumption.
  • Go on a Paleo grocery shopping trip.
  • Start cooking the recipes out of The Paleo Diet Cookbook for my family.

A lot of this stuff is going to require unilateral action on your part.  That’s okay, in the long run pitching the half full bag of chips isn’t going to hurt anyone.  You do have to be respectful at the point of where your life rubs up against others, especially in a family setting, but sometimes a good conversation about your goals and what you are trying to accomplish will iron all of those out.

I know this is going to sound worn out and terribly GTD, but you should sit down right now and list your main goals for this week.  I’ve listed mine and would welcome anyone checking in on me to keep me accountable.  Drop your’s in the comments if you’d like me or the rest of the readership to keep you accountable.  That would be an awesome challenge for all of us this week.  But even if you don’t want to share, you need a focal point for your efforts.  I used to scoff at to-do lists but now I use them religiously.  If you have a Gmail account, you can’t go wrong with using Google Tasks.  If you’ve blown a wad on the millions of GTD-type list apps for your iPhone, now’s the time to actually use it.  NOW is the time.  Remember that.

NOW is the time.

So I’m going to flip the reboot switch and take this to the next level.  Won’t you join me?


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