Kind of Paleo?

You may be under the impression that going Paleo is an all or nothing proposition. It’s a natural assumption. Most dietary and exercise regimes out there will sell you an all or nothing philosophy. You’re either fully onboard with the plan or you’re an author of your own misfortune.

One of the things that has impressed me with the larger Paleo community is the amount of give to it. There is no Orthdoxy, no different groups proposing a splinter of some mainline religion. There is instead a true community coming together for the common good of all. There are no leaders or followers, just those offering their opinion and those implementing it in their lives.

So the really good news about all of this is that it’s okay to be kind of Paleo. There are not two poles you have to jump between but a continuum you move along. If you have a bagel some morning for breakfast but you haven’t got groceries in a week and it’s the only thing left, that’s okay. You don’t have to let it lead to the guilt, fear, and loathing that may have sabotaged earlier diet attempts. I’m sure our ideal ancestor may have been tempted by a jelly donut had the opportunity presented itself.

The important thing is that you’ve started and you’re trying. Hey, I have an important breakthrough the other night when we ate out and I didn’t get fries with my steak. And I’ve been doing this since January!

Now I say all of this with one reminder in mind. There is a goal we all endeavor for in the end. That is to live completely within our ideal Paleo life. Sometimes though that isn’t always possible and that’s okay. As long as we keep moving forward we’ll make out just fine. Don’t let a few minor slip ups or imperfections blunt your successes. All we can do is keep trying.


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