One of the most common reactions I get from people when I explain that I’ve changed my eating habits is “Oh really?  You must be really denying yourself food!”  They see the results and the only thing their frame of reference allows them to believe is that I must be starving myself.  After all, conventional wisdom states the only way to lose weight is to cut your total caloric intake.  Every calorie is the same so if you eat that jelly donut or that apple, they all add up in the same equation.  It never crosses anyone’s mind that instead of denying  myself totally of food, I’ve simply changed what I eat.  No more cereals and grains, no more processed food, and certainly no more sugary soft drinks and snacks.  I feel more fulfilled now eating healthy, home prepared meals than I ever did chasing gorging on Fruit Loops with guilt and abstaining; only to repeat the process.

60 – 100 years of bad information though has left us with the impression that there are only two roads to a healthy weight; lowering total calories and exercising until you feel like collapsing.  The good news of the Paleo / Primal lifestyle is that it doesn’t have to be that way.  As long as you eat properly, the whole idea is to eat until you feel full.  And yes, exercise is also a part of it as well but not the gut wrenching, torture sessions commercial exercise companies would have you believe is necessary.

But suppose you’re saying, that’s fine for you but I can’t make those changes.  I was like you once.  First, you have to decide that you’re willing to make this change.  You’re lost without dedication.  After that, why don’t you start that dedication this weekend by checking out these resources for information on healthy eating, healthy recipes, and exercise the Paleo and Primal way:

And once you’ve done all that, actually DO something.  You can sit on the couch reading tips and tricks all day but that isn’t going to make one change in your life.  You have to do it.  Won’t you decide to do it today?


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