Building a Community

When I came up with the idea for the Paleo Campfire, it was first and foremost about building a community.  Community building was important to me for two reasons.  First, is discovery and fellowship.  I want to find like-minded people in my geographic location to share experiences with.  Walks in the woods, dinners out, and gatherings.  Our ancestors were social animals that spent as much time together in communion as they did out finding food for the day.  Despite conventional wisdom, the Paleolithic life was not a constant, harsh battle against the elements and Nature for survival.  They had plenty of time to be with family and friends.

I’m a telecommuter with two kids.  Most days I don’t even have the limited social interactions of the office environment.  Finding a clan of like-minded people has become very important for me.  The social aspect of our lives is undeniable to begin with, it only becomes more true when you decide to take a life path that isn’t shared by the general population.

The second is to provide this sense of community to the world.  Paleo / Primal living isn’t strictly a North American trend.  All over the world people are discovering the wisdom of dispensing with the Neolithic foods we don’t need to survive.  I want to build a network where we can all talk together, share ideas, and provide encouragement.  Just as I’m sure our ancestors visited around to the surrounding clans in their larger community, we too should be able to move about in a medium for sharing and visitation.  The Internet only extends our reach past the places our legs could realistically carry us.

I would be honored if you’d like to strike out on this community building experiment with me.  Head over to the About the Campfire page for a form to send me your information.  Send as little or as much as you feel comfortable with and I’ll update the site.  The only requirement is a name but this can be a nickname if you desire.  We want to make this interactive but safe for all of us.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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