My Paleo Gym

I obsessed a lot about the exercise aspect of the Paleo / Primal lifestyle when I started out.  Would I need a gym membership?  Could I afford a gym membership?  Where would I find the time?  ARGH!!!!!  Kettlebells?  What in the world is a kettlebell?

Once my anxiety dampened down (and I bought and learned how to use a kettlebell) I realized that I had all the facilities to get the exercise I needed.  Mark Sisson’s book The Primal Blueprint was especially useful in pointing out that our ancestors did not drive it for hours on end on the NordicTrack and they found fitness and vitality by interacting with the world around them.

That was when I found my Paleo gym literally right under my nose.  I live out in a relatively rural suburb blessed with an extensive walking trail system.  The best part of the trails around here is no attempt was made to pave them or make them flat as possible.  Just a trail cut along the road with a bit of crushed rock on it that follows the natural undulations of the terrain.  I have a treadmill in the basement for rainy days and the Winter but most days you’ll find me on the trails alternating between walking and sprinting.  It may not be the most organized or regimented exercise routine in the world but Grok never had a personal trainer either.

So if you’re obsessing over your exercise routine or fussing over whether you’re doing things right, find a path in the woods and spend half an hour on it.  That’s a great start.  There really is no better Paleo gym than Nature and a few free weights.  If you do something like cut or stack your own firewood then may be you can even dispense with the weights.

A great resource for finding fitness by moving through Nature is Erwan Le Corre’s MovNat site.  It’s an excellent way to supplement your knowledge of moving naturally to improve fitness.


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