I’m Confused About Coffee

Coffee is one of my many vices.  Nothing says happiness to me like coffee with lots of cream and lots of sugar.  One of the small victories I’ve counted in the last five months since shifting to a Paleo diet has been the elimination of white sugar from my coffee.  The next step in my mind has been how much should I cut back coffee completely.

I looked at myself this morning and said I would only drink one cup of coffee today.  I am sitting here writing this with cup number 4.  So I missed the mark a bit today.  The Paleo opinions on coffee seem widely varied.  I recognize that most of the coffee I drink is habitual so I just need to work at eliminating that dependency.  I am interested though in finding out if there are any semi-official guidelines around coffee consumption.  So I’m throwing this out to the community to see what I can find.  If you have information, or even an opinion, drop it in the comments.  I would love to hear from you.


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