The Hardest Part

Sometimes it’s hard to realize you can’t drag someone kicking and screaming along for the ride.  Anyone with small children knows this fact with exquisite understanding.  You can pressure, you can beg, you can cajole; but sometimes there’s just no moving.  You won’t give and they won’t give.  It’s hard but it’s life.

So when I committed myself to change this January, really actually committed to something for probably the first time in my life, I know there would be a lot of digging in.  I was okay with that though.  I know that sometimes a direct assault isn’t always the most effective means of attack.  Sometimes you have to sneak in the back door and surprise everyone.

All of this to say that I’ve tried to change my family’s dietary habits very stealthily.  I could have tried the direct approach and encountered the entrenched eating habits of three very strong willed people.  Fortunately I have two little tenacious meat eaters who happily scarf bacon and eggs for breakfast.  There might be a couple of cold cereal or toast and Cheez Whiz mornings in my future but we’re working on a gradual phase out here.  As things gradually get used up, they won’t get replaced.  Supper should be an equally gradual movement into more Paleo and Primal habits.

The next hurdle will be school lunches.  There are some deeply entrenched habits there that have to be broken.  No more white bread sandwiches with a brand name granola bar and packaged pastry.  The common thread running through a lot of what I’ve read about Paleo eating is that the ease of use of manufactured food is what, besides the content, makes it so insidious.  I have an online friend who prepares Bento boxes for her kids every day so that’s one avenue of exploration.  Another will just be sending supper leftovers instead of the easy route every day.  I’m sure there’s a 101 ways to do it, I just have to do the work.

And may be that’s the hardest part of this whole thing.  Committing to a way of life outside the North American consumerism track is hard work that requires determination and a vision for long term goals.  Yes, it will take you longer to make food for your family instead of just pulling something out of a box.  Yes, it will require more thought making your kids lunches.  Yes, you may have to get up earlier in the morning to make a proper breakfast.  But with hard work and determination comes personal satisfaction and the fruits of your labor.  That makes the hard work you put in the most satisfying of all.


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