Introducing The Paleo Times

Creating electronic newspapers and magazines out of Twitter and Facebook feedbacks has become a hot commodity on the Web.  The Flipboard app for the iPad is a phenomenon unto itself.  Several services allow the same kind of content curation on the web.  I have been following a couple electronic newspapers friends have created using  Basically you feed the service either a group of Twitter or Facebook followers and it spits out a daily paper based on their tweets or posts.

I say all of this by way of introduction for something I’ve just created.  The Paleo Times is an electronic daily newspaper created using the service.  It curates the Twitter feeds of Kurt Harris, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Angelo Coppola, Tim Ferriss, Andrew Badenoch, Emily Deans, and  And the great thing about this service is that you can add or subtract people as you see fit.  I would like to see it grow into one of the most trusted and sought after sources of Paleo and Primal information on the Web.  A one-stop shop for your daily fix of information.

I hope you enjoy my creation.  If you would like to see other Twitter members be part of The Paleo Times, leave their Twitter user name in the Comments section.  I’ll review their content and add them if them fit the intent of the paper.


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